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Third Wednesday of each month

at 6 PM EST: "Avoiding Electrosurgery Catastrophes: Understanding

Critical Biophysics and Biophysiology Issues."

BiPAD Demonstration


Every Thursday afternoon 

at 6 PM EST: "BiPAD Demonstration."

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Taking bipolar forceps into the 21st-century. 

BiPAD is a disposable bipolar forceps cord. It is the only cord with built-in hand switching that works with your existing forceps and generators.

BiPAD hand switching overcomes the risks* and shortcomings of bipolar foot pedals like Bovie® did with their monopolar pencils 50 years ago.

BiPAD obviates the need for a foot pedal, yet the bipolar foot pedal always remains functional, just like Bovie® pencils and endoscopic electrosurgery instruments. 


BiPAD is the easiest and least expensive way to make your OR suites safer and your OR staff happier - no one likes crawling on the floor during surgery (> 2 X per surgery according to our survey data, see below and resources.)

Does ungloved handling of bipolar foot pedals increase the risk of SURGICAL SITE INFECTIONS (SSI's)?

Call now to place an order or email us at

BiPAD is an upgrade that's actually a delight for those with the dexterity needed to hand switch their bipolar forceps. 

The Bovie® pencil has a hand switch, now your forceps can too.

Or just slide off the hand switch to revert BiPAD to a standard cord activated by a foot pedal. 


BiPAD transforms bipolar forceps electrocautery with no CAPEX.

Make the switch today™ to save time and minimize distractions, aggravation, and risks to surgeons and staff*. Risks we have, until now, accepted because there was no practical alternative to the foot pedal.

BiPAD will pay for itself in every surgery and reduce risks you probably never knew you had. 

(BiPAD is an easy name to remember: "Bip-A-D" = "Bipolar Activation Device")

Hand holding BiPAD Surgical hand switching bipolar forceps


Detachable Actuator Assembly



Do your operating room nurses/staff crawl on the floor during surgery to move bipolar foot pedals?

Do they use gloves to position the foot pedal at the start of every case and every time the surgeon changes position?

Do they use gloves to reposition the foot pedal when urgently called to do so during surgery?

Is the foot pedal clean? It's not waterproof so cleaning can be tricky. Is it covered?


Could moving the foot pedal lead to contamination and increased INFECTION rates (SSI's)?


Is this practice an OSHA risk? Ask your nursing staff. They know. But they accept it because there was no solution.

BiPAD cords are your low-cost solution to this problem. 

BiPAD is the only practical hand-switch for bipolar forceps electrosurgery.

never again

Our goal is ZERO!*

Foot pedals often fall off foot stands.


Disposable Bipolar Forceps Cord with Integrated Hand Switch

Anatomy of BiPAD

Use your own forceps and generators.



When removed, BiPAD becomes a standard cord usable with the foot pedal.


your Operating Room & Hospital with BiPAD®.

BiPAD® ADOPTORS dedicated to workplace safety, efficiency, and risk reduction.


because it makes bipolar forceps

EASIER to use

than using a BOVIE®.

Untitled design (44).png

What is BiPAD®?

  • BiPAD® is a bipolar forceps cord with an integrated hand switch that connects your forceps to your generator.

  • BiPAD® is a bipolar forceps cord with the "foot pedal" built-in as a hand switch.

  • BiPAD® serves the need of every surgeon who uses bipolar forceps electrocautery in any surgical situation.

  • BiPAD® is the first and only hand-switching solution for bipolar forceps. 

  • BiPAD® switch assembly is removable and re-attachable and can be used as a standard cord without a hand switch.

  • BiPAD® works with any generator.

  • BiPAD® switch mechanism is malleable that adapts to any hand and any forceps

  • BiPAD® is designed to replace every bipolar cord in your facility for every surgeon of every specialty. 

Bipolar forceps electrosurgery is much safer than monopolar but activating the bipolar forceps with the foot pedal is problematic at best.

You probably already know that

For example, you encounter hemorrhaging:

Without BiPAD®

1. You apply the bipolar forceps to the vessel.


2. Then you reach for the foot pedal.



3. Then you look down to find the foot pedal.  


4. Then you call for the circulator to help.


Then you WAIT...

Finally, you COAGULATE.

And for surgeons, Hemorrhage + Delay = STRESS

Illustrated Waves

But it doesn't HAVE to stay that way...

With BIPAD® 

Apply the bipolar forceps to the vessel.


Do the math

BiPAD® Savings per Case

Untitled design (39).png

No. of min. saved/case x O.R. cost/min. = BiPAD® savings/case

Example: 12 mins* x $50** = $600 savings/case

 + Reduced aggravation, staff burden, risk of crawling on the floor, risk of handling filthy foot pedals, postural pain, etc.

Use our BiPAD® Savings Calculator, enter your own numbers into this equation. 

BiPAD® Savings Calculator

No. of Minutes Saved/Case:

O.R. Cost/Minute:

BiPAD® Savings/Case:


Even if you save just one minute per case, you will save money in every case with BiPAD®.

*Average minutes saved with BiPAD® is 12 minutes. **Average O.R. cost per minute is $50.

Surgeon looking for pedal-min_edited.jpg

WASTED TIME to include in your analysis

  1. WAITING for the bipolar foot pedal to be deployed.

  2. SEARCHING for a foot pedal with your feet.

  3. SEARCHING the foot pedal by looking down.

  4. WAITING for staff to crawl under the table.

  5. BROKEN foot pedals.



Nurse crawling on O.R. floor

Work-related injuries can and do occur when staff is required to crawl under the operating room table on their hands and knees during surgery to re-locate the bipolar foot pedal.


If BiPAD® prevents even one of these injuries, the facility BENEFITS beyond monetary measure.

Our surveys indicate that O.R. staff is asked to crawl under the operating table an average of 2.3x per surgery.

reduced risk

BiPAD® is SAFER...

Detachable Actuator Assembly (5).png

Have you ever resorted to using monopolar with all of its risks just because it has a hand switch?

Or to "buzzing" a surgical forceps clamped onto a bleeder with the Bovie® monopolar?

Why do plastic surgeons REQUIRE the use of bipolar forceps over monopolar electrosurgery when closing an incision?

Because bipolar forceps equals:

  • less char

  • lower infection risk, and

  • better cosmetic results.


You know this already!

But until BiPAD®, the monopolar pencil with its built-in hand-switch was just so much more convenient it was easier to ignore the downsides of monopolar.



bipolar forceps cord with an integrated hand switch

Untitled design (42).png

Easy to learn


Easy to implement

Easy to use


Saves time & expense

Untitled design (46).png
Untitled design (45).png


also reduces postural pain & fatigue and surgeon & staff burden.

no stress

BiPAD®  is the only bipolar forceps cord with a built-in hand switch.​

It was designed so that the hand-switch is detachable, revert BiPAD®  to a standard cord for those who need more time to adapt.


And for surgeons with a sense of legacy, it works with the foot pedal. 


In other words, BiPAD®  is designed to replace every bipolar forceps cord in your facility. 

Copy of Three Steps set-up (2).png


Copy of Three Steps set-up.png

Simply replace your cord with the BiPAD® cord.

No CAPEX. Use your forceps and your generator.

What surgeons are saying...

BiPAD® gives me the ability to keep my attention on the surgical field and not have to search for a pedal or someone to help activate the bipolar. 

 - Neurosurgeon, OKLAHOMA


 - NY Presbyterian Hospital, NYC

BiPAD® is simple to use and a must-have item on my cases.

- Vascular Surgeon, Dallas, TX

Codman, Malis Version 2.png

Codman, Malis Version, hand switch detached

BiPAD® is a consumable, sterile cord that replaces the cord you now use to connect your forceps to your electrosurgery generator.

small change



BiPAD®  (BiPolar Activation Device) is a  sterile cord that connects bipolar forceps to the electrocautery generator while providing a hand switch that can replace or supplement the foot pedal.

The BiPAD® Bipolar Cord is compatible with most standard 2-prong forceps and most electrocautery generators.

The switch and actuator can be reversibly detached allowing the BiPAD® cord to revert to a standard cord. 

Illustrated Waves

What do You DESERVE?

You and your staff DESERVE...

  • Faster, more convenient "activation" time.

  • Reduced fatigue.

  • Reduced waiting.

  • Not having to ask staff to activate the foot pedal.

  • Reduced distractions.

  • Reduced postural pain.

  • Reduced time staring at your own feet.

  • Reduced staff time under the O.R. table.

  • Reduced pedal repair and replacement expense.

  • Reduced risk for surgeons, staff, and patients


the bipolar forceps cord with an integrated hand switch

BiPAD® is not just
more convenient and safer,
BiPAD® TRANSFORMS bipolar forceps electrosurgery.
Make the switch NOW!
Massachusetts General Hospital
Kearney Regional Medical Center
Stanford Health Care
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