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Introducing BiPAD®

Hand Switching Bipolar Cord 
a versatile and disposable solution for your surgical needs.

A game-changing solution for surgeons looking to enhance their precision and control during medical procedures.

BiPAD Surgical Handswitching Bipolar Forceps Device Product Image

Revolutionizing Procedures with 12-Foot 

Surgeons are no longer tethered to a specific area or limited in their movements, giving them greater flexibility and freedom during procedures.


Improved surgeon mobility means better precision, accuracy, and patient outcomes. Our 12-foot cord also provides a safer, more organized operating room by reducing clutter and tripping hazards.

BiPAD Surgical Handswitching Bipolar Forceps Cord Productphotography

Designed with You in Mind

Compatibility and flexibility in the operating room is important, which is why our product is compatible with different generators and can be used with your preferred bipolar forceps. It's also adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit for left or right-handed surgeons.

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About Our Product

This sterile, single-use cord is designed for use with different generators. Its universal design fits 2 prong forceps and can be used with or without a foot pedal, giving you more control during surgical procedures. The BiPAD® Hand Switching Bipolar Cord is also adjustable for left or right-handed use and features non-irrigating technology. Make your surgical procedures safer and more efficient with the BiPAD® Hand Switching Bipolar Cord.

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• Single Use

• Sterile

• Bipolar Cord

• Optional Use of Foot Pedal

• 12 Foot Cord

• Left or right handed

• Adjustable sizing

Looking For More Information?

We’re here to help.


At BiPAD® Surgical, we understand the importance of finding the right tools. Whether you have questions about our products, pricing, or anything in between, our team is always available to assist you.


Contact us today and experience the difference of BiPAD® Surgical.

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Save up to $400 on BiPAD®
Hand-Switching Bipolar Forceps*

Our Specialists can help you shop online. Connect with a BiPAD Specialist >

*Please note that the savings of up to $400 are based on purchasing a case of 80 BiPAD® hand switching bipolar forceps. Individual units and different quantities may have different prices and savings. For more information on pricing and deals, please contact us.

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