BiPAD is a surgeon's innovation that transforms bipolar forceps with hand-switching cords.

BiPAD makes it better for all: Surgeons, Nurses, OR Staff, and, ultimately, the Patient. 

Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Safer, Easier & More Efficient Surgeries.

Hand switching eliminates distractions associated with searching for the foot pedal. Reduced Risk and the need to assign assistants to the foot pedal.

BiPAD prevent Nurses from crawling under the operating table to reposition the foot pedal. Reduced SSI, OSHA risks.

Low Cost, No CAPEX & Quick Setup. Minimal learning curve.

Bipolar Forceps

"I was tired of trying to find the pedal or, worse yet, reorienting the direction of the pedal when I suddenly needed precise control of bleeding. Neurosurgery requires meticulous and precise hemostasis. I had spoken to engineers and companies about this need when someone brought to my attention that BiPad had already solved this problem. The device does what I need. It did take some time to adjust to the bipolar with a button rig on it - you don’t love it on the first try. After about a dozen cases with it, I now use it for everything. No more having the pedal slide under the OR table and out of reach. No more asking the nurse to move it or turn it or even just searching with my feet when I need instant activation - this is now all in the device as it should be. If the pedal were a benefit, the Bovie would have one. It is not - it takes away from the functionality and it is a problem that is long overdue to be addressed. BiPad finally has a solution to this problem!"

Justin Brown, MD

Neurosurgeon | Pediatric Neurosurgeon | Reconstructive Surgeon 

Director, MGH Paralysis Center

Receive training, in-person or virtually, from one of our experienced surgeons or surgery tech experts. Most surgeons require about 15 minutes of exposure to BiPAD before using BiPAD in the OR.

Then, replace your bipolar forceps cord with the BiPAD cord and use your existing forceps & generators. That's all that is needed to transition to hand-switching bipolar forceps.

Eventually, all bipolar forceps will be hand-switched. For now, we are focused on a limited set of surgical specialties in selected hospitals. Call to see if your facility qualifies.

Convenient & Easy To Use

  • Hand switch activates the generator

  • Hand switch is integrated into the cord

  • Ergonomically designed & easy to operate

  • Foot pedal optional but always operational

  • Eliminate the need to move and locate the foot pedal

  • Works with your forceps.

  • Works with all generators.

  • Designed by surgeons for surgeons and OR staff.

  • Reduced crawling on the floor to move foot pedals and cross-contamination 

  • Less risk of surgical site infections 

  • Quicker coagulation and less time hemorrhaging

  • BiPAD-enabled bipolar forceps creates better results with equal efficiencies and ease of use as monopolar products

Low Cost & Quick Setup.

Plug & Play.


  • Job #1: improving ergonomics.  

  • PRICE IS NEVER AN OBSTACLE. Our account managers will work with you to remove one more foot pedal from your ORs.

  • Interoperable with all forceps, generators, and foot pedals

  • Minimal training with most surgeons trained up in a case or two

  • No CAPEX required


Designed for gifted surgeons dedicated to perfecting their surgical skills.