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Make the Switch to Unparalleled Surgical Safety

Reduced Surgical Site Infections & Improved Patient Outcomes with BiPAD® Surgical

Experience our Hand-Switching Bipolar Forceps and Minimize Infection Risks for Optimal Patient Recovery.

BiPAD Surgical® redefined
Surgical Excellence to Prioritize Patient Well-Being

Discover how our innovative hand-activated bipolar forceps can revolutionize your procedures and enhance patient outcomes.

Protect Your Patients.
Protect Your Reputation.

Our hand-activated bipolar forceps eliminate the need for unhygienic foot pedals, significantly reducing the risk of surgical site infections.

Improve Efficiency,
Save Time, and Resources.

Experience seamless OR setup and procedures with our hand-switching bipolar forceps, designed for enhanced usage efficiency and workflow optimization.

Elevate Your Surgical
Precision and Control

Say goodbye to distractions and tedious foot pedal searches. Our hand-activated bipolar forceps provide uninterrupted focus, allowing you to deliver exceptional care.


Foot Pedals
The Source of Infection

Unfortunately, these crucial tools often fall short in proper sterilization, putting patients at risk of contamination.​

Recent lab results confirmed coliform bacteria on operating room bipolar foot pedals. Don‘t compromise patient safety. 

Eliminating foot pedals in the operating room reduces the risk of infections, enhances the overall cleanliness, and improves the safety of surgical environments.

Contact us for a FREE swab of your surgical bipolar foot pedals.


Is it Worth the Risk? 

Safeguard Your O.R. Staff and Patients Now!

In every surgical case, did you know that nurses handle foot pedals an average of 2.3 times?


Nurses and hospital staff face unnecessary risks during each case as they crawl under operating room tables to relocate foot pedals. This hazardous practice endangers their safety and well-being.


Moreover, with foot pedals being sources of infection, this is also putting patients at risk of surgical site infections.


Hospitals that continue to rely on foot pedals not only compromise patient outcomes but also risk their hard-earned reputation.


It's time to prioritize safety, reduce infection risks, and safeguard the reputation of your institution.

The Cost of Efficiency

Reducing the time it takes to move a pedal during surgery can save billions of dollars. By cutting just 2 minutes, the average number of times a pedal is moved per surgery, we can obviate $230 of O.R. cost. In the US, with 50 million surgeries and 50% using bipolar electrocautery, the potential savings are $5.75 billion.

It's time to rethink our approach to surgery and start looking for small changes that can make a big impact. By reducing wasted time and resources, we can improve patient outcomes and save billions of dollars in the process.

BiPAD Wearing Sterile Medical Gloves

Try Before You Buy!

Trying before buying allows you to test our products and see if they're right for you. We're confident that you'll love what we have to offer, and we want you to experience it for yourself.

So go ahead and make the switch with peace of mind, knowing that you have nothing to lose.


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Designed with YOU in mind
The ultimate tool for surgeons & OR staff

We acknowledge that surgeons have distinct preferences for medical equipment, and some hospitals may have limited options. 

Nonetheless, patient care excellence must not be sacrificed. That is why we provide a range of solutions to guarantee access to your preferred tools, regardless of your workplace. Our products help you uphold high care standards and achieve the best outcomes for your patients.

Our hand-switching bipolar forceps work seamlessly with various medical equipment brands.

Why BiPAD Surgical®?

BiPAD® Surgical is dedicated to developing technologies that help surgeons and their staff perform procedures more safely, with decreased burden and with better outcomes.


We believe that innovative solutions that improve ergonomics reduce risk and enhance surgeons' ability to heal. 

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Two Surgeons Performing Surgery on Patients in Operating Room

Trusted By Hospitals Across The Country

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What Surgeons Are Saying About Us

The device does what I need. After about a dozen cases with it, I now use it for everything. No more having the pedal slide under the OR table and out of reach. No more asking the nurse to move it or turn it or even just searching with my feet when I need instant activation - this is now all in the device as it should be.


Neurosurgeon | Pediatric Neurosurgeon | Reconstructive Surgeon

Director, MGH Paralysis Center

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