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The Medtronics/Valleylab®-compatible BiPAD® cord* (BP105-M) connects to Medtronic/Valleylab-type generators with a composite plug (see the arrow below). Simply insert the BiPAD® plug, in the same way, your existing sterile forceps cords. No adapter is required.

The Medtronics/Valleylab®-compatible Plug

The Medtronics/Valleylab®-compatible BiPAD® cord* (BP105-M)

The Codman/Malis®-compatible BiPAD® cord* (BP105-C) connects to the CODMAN/MALIS®-type generators via two banana plugs (large arrow) for electrocautery current and a hand switch connector plug (small arrow). The electrocautery banana plugs connect to the generator the usual way. The BiPAD® switch connector requires an adapter (BP-105CY) not supplied with the sample. The banana plugs are connected (large arrow), a safety feature to prevent accidental connection to a monopolar generator.

Codman/Malis®-compatible Hand switch Connector

Codman/Malis®-compatible Electrocautery Plug

The Codman/Malis®-compatible BiPAD® cord* (BP105-C)