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We create innovative solutions that enhance the ability
of surgeons to heal.

Try BiPAD!   Simple, Easy to use, Better.

Limited Release.

We offer training sessions for select surgeons in select specialties.


Receive introductory training, in person or online, from one of our surgeons or surgery tech experts.

This 10-minute training session will help surgeons and assistants transition to hand-switching.


After this brief demo, we will: a) send a free sample to try for yourself and b) with your approval, schedule your first surgery using BiPAD® in the hospital of your choice. 

In summary, there are three steps to transition to  BiPAD® hand-switching in your surgeries:

1) Complete the form below and submit it or email. Or call us. 888-635-6381 to see if you qualify.

2) Do a 10-minute educational session at your convenience to receive a BiPAD sample.

3) Schedule your first surgery with BiPAD at your hospital or ASC.

Complete online and click SUBMIT below    - OR -   print this form and send to:

We apologize, but there is limited access during this introductory period.

Surgeon/Hospital Contact Information:

Sample will be shipped to the facility address unless otherwise noted in the comment box below.

Administrative Assistant Contact Information

How did you hear about BiPAD®?

Generator Information

Not sure?  Call us 888-635-6381. Or we will research for you. 

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Make the "switch" NOW.


Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you soon.

The Medtronics/Valleylab®-compatible BiPAD® cord* (BP105-M) connects to Medtronic/Valleylab-type generators with a composite plug (see the arrow below). Simply insert the BiPAD® plug, in the same way, your existing sterile forceps cords. No adapter is required.


The Medtronics/Valleylab®-compatible Plug

The Medtronics/Valleylab®-compatible BiPAD® cord* (BP105-M)

The Codman/Malis®-compatible BiPAD® cord* (BP105-C) connects to the CODMAN/MALIS®-type generators via two banana plugs (large arrow) for electrocautery current and a hand switch connector plug (small arrow). The electrocautery banana plugs connect to the generator the usual way. The BiPAD® switch connector requires an adapter (BP-105CY) not supplied with the sample. The banana plugs are connected (large arrow), a safety feature to prevent accidental connection to a monopolar generator.


Codman/Malis®-compatible Hand switch Connector

Codman/Malis®-compatible Electrocautery Plug

Thank you for your interest!  We are truly looking forward to you trying BiPAD®.

The learning curve is brief when the surgeon receives a proper demonstration. We want you to have the best possible experience, so we provide short, focused, personalized Zoom demos. 

This 10-minute zoom conference call is an important first step. 

After this brief demo, we will help you schedule your first case with BiPAD® in the hospital of your choice. 

After the demo can provide a free sample device for you to try before you use BiPAD®!  in surgery. We are available for as many online training sessions as you would like so that your transition to hand switching is as effortless and painless as possible. 

Three steps to evaluation BiPAD for use in your OR:

1) Complete the form below and submit or email. Or call us. 888-635-6381

2) Schedule a 10-minute demo at your convenience and then receive a no-charge sample.

Schedule using our scheduling link below or by phone. 

3) Schedule first surgery with BiPADin at the facility of your choice.

Complete and submit below or print this form, fill it in and send the completed form to

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