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Introducing BiPAD® Hand Switching Bipolar Forceps Cord - the ultimate solution for bipolar forceps electrosurgery! Our product features an integrated hand switch that connects your forceps with your electrosurgery generator and provides the option of a detachable hand switch. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of foot pedals and embrace the future of surgical technology with BiPAD®.


Designed to be a one-time-use product, BiPAD® is the first practical hand switch for bipolar forceps electrocautery, making it an essential addition to your surgical toolkit.


Disclaimer: Please note that this product is for sample use only.


$65.00 Regular Price
$0.00Sale Price
    • non-sterile
    • not for human use
    • one-time-use

    Check out our resources for instructional videos for installation and IFU or contact us today

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