What’s the cancellation policy?

All sessions and consultations require a six (6) hour cancellation notice. You will be charged in full if you attempt to cancel or reschedule within that time frame.

How long is the consultation?

Consultations are 35-45 minutes in duration.

Do you work with athletes that aren’t football or basketball players

Yes, we've worked with over thousands of athletes from various sports, genders, and age groups. These sports are including but not limited to wrestling, nascar drivers, nascar pit crew members, football, soccer, golf, rugby, tennis, softball, baseball, cross country, track & field, women’s, lacrosse, volleyball, and more.

How often should I train?

Your recommended training frequency will vary upon your goals and assessment findings. Upon completion of your consultation we can provide a more accurate answer.

Can DPD help me if I'm extremely out of shape?

Yes, but it will require both parties working collectively towards the desired outcome. We take pride in meeting our clients where they are and helping them lose fat, reduce pain, and achieve goals they once viewed as unattainable. Don't take our word for check out our testimonials & reviews and hear what others are saying!

Do you offer meal plans?

Meal plans are often generic and cookie cutter, we take it a step further by educating you about nutrition while seeking the perfect nutrition plan for you individually!

What happens if I don't decide to proceed with training after the consultation?

If either party feels we aren't a good fit for one another, you're only responsible for the consultation fee. No hidden fees or gimmicks!

What should I wear to the consultation?

Please arrive 10 minutes early to consultation, and wear comfortable athletic clothing as you will be asked to perform an array of movements.


What is the BiPAD® Hand Switch?

BiPAD® (BiPolar Activation Device) is a medical device consisting of a sterile cord that connects your bipolar forceps to the existing electrocautery generator while providing a hand switch that can replace or supplement the foot pedal.
BiPAD® provides surgeons with the first and only practical hand-activated switch for bipolar electrocautery thereby liberating them from the foot pedal.

Do I need a special electrocautery generator to use the BiPAD hand switching cord?

No. BiPAD® works with most existing generators that employ the Valleylab composite bipolar plug, including Ethicon and Bovie bipolar generators. It also works with most Codman Malis generators.
You will need to use a BIPAD® “Y” connecter for use with Codman/Malis bipolar electrosurgical units.
Contact us to determine if your generators are compatible.

Do I need special forceps?

No. The Hand Activated Disposable Bipolar Electrocautery Cord is an electrosurgical accessory designed to be universal when used with standard “two-pronged” bipolar non-irrigating two-prong connector forceps.

Can I still use the foot pedal?

Yes. BiPAD® is designed to accommodate surgeon preference and can be used with or without the foot pedal. Our expectation is that the bipolar foot pedal will go the way of the monopolar foot pedal and be eliminated.

Is the BiPAD® Hand Switch adjustable for size of hand?

Yes. The arm length of the actuator arm can be adjusted by pushing/pulling the arm through the actuator housing.

Is the BiPAD® Hand Switch adjustable for size / style of forceps?

Yes. The arm length of the actuator arm can be adjusted by pushing/pulling the arm through the actuator housing.

Is the BiPAD® Hand Switch adjustable to accommodate a range of surgeon preferences?

Yes. The ergonomically designed actuator arm can be fitted to the inner curve of the surgeon’s finger, fingertip, or third digit tip, allowing the surgeon to hold the forceps in their usual, preferred manner.

Does the BiPAD® Hand Switch accommodate left or right-handed surgeons?

Yes. The forceps can be attached in either direction to accommodate either right or left-handed use.

What are the indications fo use of the BiPAD® Hand Switch?

BIPAD® Hand Activated, Disposable Electrocautery Cords are intended to connect an electrosurgical device to an electrosurgical generator. They are indicated for use with bipolar forceps during general surgical procedures. Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

What are the contraindications of the BiPAD® Hand Switch?

The Hand Activated Bipolar Electrocautery Cord should not be used for laparoscopic procedures. Any use of this device for tasks other than for which it is indicated may result in damage and or injury.

Will BiPAD® produce an irrigating version?


Are there any other hand-switched bipolar forceps electrocautery devices?

The ConMed device that incorporates a proximity switch that activates electrocautery current whenever the tines of the forceps are approximated. There are several problems with this type of forceps:
This interferes with the normal use of bipolar forceps which are also used to pick up and move objects to and from the surgical site and dissection. Inadvertent activation could be dangerous.
The ConMed design incorporates the switch into the forceps requiring the surgeon to use only the forceps provided by ConMed. Surgeons often have their favorite forceps that they are comfortable and proficient with.
The ConMed system is compatible with only a handful of electrosurgical generators. The ConMed system requires the use of a special cable which must be purchased separately.
⦁ Some models of Valleylab generators incorporate an impedance testing circuit which can automatically activate bipolar forceps when the impedance is below a predefined value. Problems with this are similar to the ConMed device described above.

How easy is conversion to the BiPAD® Hand Switch?

Converting is as simple as replacing your existing disposable cord with the BIPAD® cord.