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Best tool to help you succeed as a surgeon!

Surgeons struggle every day with the enormous complexities of achieving success for their patients. Less than ideal surgical instruments that contribute in any way to the challenges of surgery must be re-designed and improved.

Finding the bipolar forceps foot pedal under the operating table among other foot pedals, is an unnecessary, distracting, wasteful and time consuming endeavor with hidden risks. Even worse, me and my colleagues hate having to ask our OR nurses to crawl under the table to find the my bipolar forceps foot pedal while my patient is hemorrhaging. And this happens in every case.

The problem is so ridiculously annoying, that most surgeons, including myself, have resorted a “pseudo bipolar forcep"s using the BOVIE monopolar pencil with its built-in hand switch.

We “buzz” DeBakey forceps to cauterize bleeders. What is that? Are we fooling ourselves into thinking that its just as good and just as safe as bipolar forceps electrosurgery? Don’t we all know that monopolar electrosurgery, with or without the DeBakey forceps, includes the patient as part of the circuit and and that stray current damages adjacent tissues and destroys implants like hip joints and simulators. Have you ever done this?

Research articles have been written analyzing the failure modes of foot pedals as the cause of surgeon fatigue and injury. Patents have been issued for improved foot pedals. But we know that the answer is bipolar forceps with a hand switch. But none existing until now.

Now, with BIPAD, my colleagues and I find the bleeder with the bipolar forceps and move one finger to activate the generator. It takes a little time to learn but its worth it because of time and aggravation saved in just the first few cases.

The BiPAD hand switch is integrated into the cord that connects the forceps to the generator. So you can use your current forceps and generators. Common sense says that it will be the only such cord in the future.

Then next time your waiting in the OR to put your foot on a bipolar forceps foot pedal, ask for a BiPAD CORD.


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