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foot Pedal with cross
Bipad hand switching bipolar forceps

BiPAD® is the first practical hand switch for bipolar forceps electrocautery. BiPAD® is a transformative device that solves a seventy-year-old problem by putting control of the most accurate form of diathermy in the surgeons hands. The monopolar hand-switching pencil made monopolar foot pedals became obsolete in the 1960’s. Laparascopic hand controls made laparoscopic diathermy foot pedals obsolete by 2012. Now, finally, starting in 2020, BiPAD® sets the stage for the obsolescence of bipolar forceps foot pedals.


Our BiPAD® hand switch will:

  • REDUCE THE COST OF SURGERY:  by ~$6B(Ref. "A") annually in wasted OR time (~$200/case at $100/min for OR time). Save time wasted in locating or relocating the foot pedal.

  • IMPROVE SURGERY:  by saving the equivalent of 660,000(Ref. "A") transfusions of blood loss per year AND by reducing surgeon fatigue and distractions.

  • IMPROVE SAFETY FOR STAFF:  by eliminating the need for staff to crawl under the OR table to re-locate the pedal during surgery.

  • HELP HOSPITALS REDUCE COST AND IMPROVE STAFF SATISFACTION:  by providing hospitals and surgicenters with the new BiPAD® disposable cord to replace their old disposable cord and foot pedals.

Advantages of BiPAD
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