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How BiPAD Surgical Supports Healthcare Providers

The advantages of hand-switching in electrosurgery are so pervasive that no one should be using foot pedals to actuate bipolar forceps. Those days ended when hand-switched bipolar forceps became commercially available.


Increased Control: The surgeon has immediate control over the activation and deactivation of the device, which can potentially improve precision and responsiveness.

INFECTION Risk: We have documented that coliform bacteria are on foot pedals. Surgeons know that staff pick up and move pedals without gloves frequently. Foot pedals have been document to kick-up airborne particles that add to SSI. This is why all other forms of electrosurgery, other than bipolar forceps, are hand-switched. Hand-switching reduces infection risk

Adherence to ID Rules: Bipolar food pedals should be cover in a clear plastic bag for each case: These bipolar forceps pedals are never bagged even though all manufacturers say they should be.The cost of covering foot pedals in clear plastic bags for every case would exceed the cost of using BiPAD hand-switching.

Adherence to Staff Rules: Most hospitals have regulations that preclude nursing staff and surgery assists from activating electrosurgery devices. Yet many who continue to use foot pedal activation for the bipolar forceps assign the foot pedal to an assistant.

Efficiency: Hand-switching can potentially increase efficiency by reducing reliance on surgical assistants for device activation, and by eliminating the need to locate and manipulate a foot pedal.

Ergonomics: Hand-switching bipolar forceps is more ergonomically comfortable or natural for the surgeon, depending on their personal preferences and the design of the specific instrument.

Reduced distractions: Surgeons using foot pedals to activate their bipolar forceps always step back from the surgery table to look down to find the foot pedal. This usually happens when the surgeon has found a source of bleeding.

Learning Curve: Surgeons who are accustomed to using foot pedals or assistants to control devices may need time to adjust to hand-switching.

In summary, Bipolar forceps hand-switching is safer, easier, faster and less burdensome on OR staff. It is the new standard for bipolar forceps electrocautery.


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