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The BiPAD® device is designed to be highly adaptable for most* surgical specialty and situation. If the situation calls for bipolar electrocautery, BiPAD® sterile cords can fill the need. 


*not intended for use in laparoscopic surgeries.

What is BiPAD®?

The first thing to understand Is that the BiPAD® device is actually a sterile cord that replaces the bipolar cord you currently use. The only difference is that our cord provides a hand switch for bipolar forceps electrocautery in a manner similar to the hand switch found on the monopolar or Bovie® pencil.


You can use the BiPAD® sterile cord with its integrated hand switch on virtually any two-pronged forceps and almost any Medtronic/Valleylab or Codman electrosurgery generator. 

Just plug our sterile cord into the generator and plug your usual forceps into the other end and you are ready to use bipolar electrocautery.

Further, by removing the actuator assembly, the BiPAD® cord reverts to a standard bipolar cord and functions in a standard manner with the footswitch. 

In fact, the footswitch can be used with the actuator assembly attached as well. Activation of either the BiPAD® hand switch or the foot pedal will cause the generator to be activated.


The BiPAD® cord comes with a detachable actuator assembly. This simply means that you can use the BiPAD® cord with the BiPAD® hand switch or as a conventional cord with the hand switch detached.


The external arm slides into a receptacle in the actuator assembly. It can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate the size of the surgeon’s hand and most sizes/styles of forceps. When using a bayonet-style forceps, the surgeon typically adjusts the length of the external arm such that the tip of the actuator arm is about 2 cm proximal to the first bend of the forceps tines.


Note that the external arm is detachable.

Learning Curve

The BiPAD® hand switch is designed to allow activation of the forceps while holding the forceps in the usual manner. When the length of the external arm is properly adjusted, the tip of the actuator arm should sit on the inside of the second digit. 

Accommodating LEFT and RIGHT-handed Surgeons

The BIPAD® cord and hand switch can be used with either the right or left hand. 

For right-handed use, simply attach the forceps to the BiPAD® forceps connector such that the switch assembly is on the right side.

For left-handed use, simply attach the forceps to the BiPAD® forceps connector such that the switch assembly is on the left side.

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