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This is a Y-Connector Adapter which is used to connect the BiPAD hand switch to the foot pedal circuit of Codman-Malis bipolar electrosurgery generators. The "Y" connectors provide for the continued use of the bipad forceps foot pedal in tandem with the BiPAD cord hand switch.  ONLY ONE REQUIRED PER GENERATOR. RE-USABLE. See instructional videos for installation and IFU on our website, WWW.BiPADSurgical.COM.

Codman/Mails"Y" Connector, peumatic foot pedal version (4 prong)

SKU: 366615376135194
  • Adapter required for BiPAD to activate Codman/Malis generators that employ pneumatic foot pedals. Call if you have a question. Re-usable. One required per generator. The connector box attaches to the right side of the generator so that the elecrosurgery connects and the generator activation connector are within easy reach from the front of the generator. See instructional videos for installation and IFU on our website, WWW.BiPADSurgical.COM. 

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