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If you have a Codman/Malis generator that uses electronic foot pedals, you'll need an adapter to activate it with BiPAD. Each generator requires one adapter, and it's reusable. The connector box can be attached to the right side of the generator, allowing for easy access to both the electrocautery and the generator activation connector from the front. 



Codman/Mails "Y" Connector, electric foot pedal version

    • Allows activation of Codman/Malis generators with electronic foot pedals using BiPAD® hand switching bipolar forceps
    • Reusable adapter
    • One Adapter required per Codman/Malisgenerator
    • Connector box attaches to the right side of the generator for easy access to electrocautery and activation connector from the front
    • Available in both 3 and 4 prong versions

    Check out our resources for instructional videos for installation and IFU or contact us today.

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