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OLSEN® SINGLE-USE, NON-STICK Bipolar Forceps are compatible with BiPAD Hand-Switching Cords.


BiPAD Version Required:  ALL BiPAD versions are compatible.

BiPAD bipolar forceps cords are compatible with most electrosurgery generators. 

There are two types of connectors: 

1) the "Valleylab"-type connector has electrosurgery power and switching circuits integrated into a single connector.

BiPAD cords plug directly into these generators and do not require special adapters. Simply plug BiPAD into the generator in the same way you plug-in your existing bipolar forceps cords. Plug the forceps into the other end of the BiPAD cord and you are done. 

2) the "Codman"-type connectors require an adapter that is provided by BiPAD. 

These generators do not have an integrated switching circuit. BiPAD provides an adapter that connects to the foot pedal output of the generator. These adapters have a "Y"-connector so that you can plug-in your existing foot pedal and the BiPAD CORD.  As in all versions of BiPAD, the surgeon can activate using the BiPAD hand-switch or the foot pedal at all times. 

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