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1.    53 cases per week using irrigating, 55 cases per week using non-irrigating    
2.    10 surgeons said they used monopolar when they should use bipolar, generally, because it's easier, has hand switch.    
3.    94 % of surgeons find it difficult to locate the bipolar foot pedal during surgery.    
4.    94 % of surgeons stand back from the table during surgery to find the foot pedal.     
5.    Surgeons reported that the staff needs to crawl on the floor to locate a foot pedal about 2x per case.    
6.    No question.    
7.    56 % of surgeons ask an assistant to press the foot pedal for them.     
8.    78 % of surgeons said that the time delay/distraction of finding the foot peal is a safety/quality issue.    
9.    44 %  of surgeons said that time delay associated with finding a foot pedal caused unnecessary blood loss.     
10.  94 % of surgeons said they have pressed the wrong foot pedal during surgery.     
11.   89 % of surgeons said that the bipolar foot pedal is NOT the only foot pedal under the table.     
12.  78% of surgeons said that the balance of the BiPAD cord/hand switch was adequate.     
13.  Zero surgeons said that the BiPAD hand switch interferes with the ability to see the surgical site.     
14.  89 % of surgeons said that the BiPAD hand switch was adequately sensitive.    
15.  82 % of surgeons said that the BiPAD hand switch will improve the use of bipolar forceps.     
16.  47 % of surgeons said that they would alternate between the BiPAD and the foot pedal.    
17.  59 % of surgeons said they might need to remove the BiPAD hand switch in some situations.    
18.  94 % of surgeons said that BiPAD fits comfortably in their hands.     
19.  41 % of surgeons said that they would still use the foot pedal instead of the hand switch,     
20. 69 % of surgeons said that the finger guard helps reduce the risk of accidental activation.    
21.  67 % of surgeons said that they find it easier to activate bipolar electrocautery with the hand switch than the foot pedal.

22. 100 % of plastic surgeons said the hand switch was easier to activate.    

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