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Third Wednesday of each month

at 6 PM EST: "Avoiding Electrosurgery Catastrophes: Understanding

Critical Biophysics and Biophysiology Issues."

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BiPAD is a consumable bipolar forceps cord that replaces your existing bipolar forceps cord. 


BiPAD is the only cord with a built-in hand switch. BiPAD obviates the need for a foot pedal, but the bipolar foot pedal always remains functional. Surgeons choice. Most will opt for hand switching but BiPAD reverts to a standard bipolar forceps cord for those surgeons who do not (The BiPAD Actuataor Assembly is removable.) 


PLUG AND PLAY:  BiPAD works with most existing forceps and generators. No CAPEX.


BiPAD is the easiest and least expensive way to make your OR suites safer and your OR staff happier - no one likes crawling on the floor during surgery! Actually, its the FIRST and ONLY practical hand switch for bipolar forceps.