Put the Control Back in Your Hands

We solved a 70-year-old problem...

       - finally a hand-activated switch for bipolar forceps.*

BiPAD® in the O.R.

*Foot pedal is optional.

Simply use our cord to replace yours.

Use your forceps.

Use your generator.


The BiPAD® allows me to control the bipolar cautery which frees up the surgical scrub to focus on progressing the case. The BiPAD® provides a safer way to cauterize around sensitive structures by eliminating the verbal delay between surgeon and surgical scrub.

 - Neurosurgeon, OKC


Codman, Malis Version, hand switch detached

BiPAD® is a consumable, sterile cord that simply replaces the cord you now use to connect your forceps to your electrocautery generator.

small change



BiPAD®  (BiPolar Activation Device) is a  sterile cord that connects bipolar forceps to the electrocautery generator while providing a hand switch that can replace or supplement the foot pedal.

The BiPAD® Bipolar Cord is compatible with most standard 2-prong forceps and most electrocautery generators.

The switch and actuator can be reversibly detached allowing the BiPAD® cord to revert to a standard cord. 

BiPAD® is a quality improvement initiative
for all surgeons who use electrocautery.


- watching the patient hemorrhage
  while finding the foot pedal.
- using the BOVIE when you need 
  bipolar forceps.
- asking an assistant to press on the
  bipolar foot pedal.
- searching for the foot pedal
  instead of focusing on the 
- pressing the wrong foot pedal and 
  turning on the drill or fluoroscope
- asking staff to move the foot pedal 
  when you change sides.
- asking the nurse to crawl on the 
  floor to find your foot pedal.

BiPAD® is more than the first practical hand switch for bipolar forceps, BIPAD® could be an end to dangerous compromises.

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